28th April 2021

Boundary County Historical Society

Annual Meeting Notes


On Tuesday, April 27th 2021 the Annual Meeting of the Historical Society was held at the Museum. Several interested members of the Historical Society attended along with the Board of Trustees members and Curator Sue.

Pizza and Lemon Bars were enjoyed by all!

All reports were approved for the 2020 year.

Report of Trustees Election:
Call Russell was elected to retain his seat on the Board of Trustees for a three-year term. After 27 years, Beulah Patterson retired from the Board.
This leaves one three-year term position open. There were no nominations for this seat.

During the monthly Board of Trustees meeting, the election results were as
President – Cal Russell
Vice President – Dave Gray
Secretary – Dottie Gray
Treasurer – (this is an open office at this time)


It was a rather non-eventful year at the Museum; however the Trustees, Staff, and Volunteers stayed busy. The following is a summary of what has taken place since our last meeting in January 2020

The year end Society Activities report as presented at the Annual Membership Meeting


January 20, 2021   *   * 2020 End of Year Report


Membership:   Membership List 2020 – 153 members;   Membership List 2021 –107 members         Total Membership Dues collected in 2020: $9,340


Fundraising: 2020 Calendars; Gift Shop; Alcove Sidewalk Sale; Continued and increasing support from Boundary County Commissioners and Glenda Poston, County Clerk



*          Rebound Idaho Grant for general operating expenses – $10,000

*          Idaho Humanities Council CARES Grant for virus health & safety, calendar printing, loss of income – $2,500

*          Idaho Humanities Council CARES Grant for new computer and digitizing equipment, book printing – $2,500


Special Projects:

*            Lesson Plan and Activity Book for third grades – Bonners Ferry local history

*            BFHS Yearbook thumb drives updated to include 2019

*            Entered IHC “Recipe Round-up” with “The Mystery Cake” now known as the “Never Again Cake”

*            Transitioning “My Town, Idaho” stories into book format for printing


Partnered with:

*        Boundary County Fair Board – 100th Anniversary of the Fair – Historical wall displays

*        Boundary County Library – History of the Reader’s Club and Library

*        BF Herald – “Idaho Day-Celebrating Women in Government/This Week in History/From the Archives

*        Coeur d’Alene Press – Republishing “Anglin’ with Anglen”

*        “Experiencing Museums” – Virtual tours project – Bailey Cavender


New Exhibit: Model Train – Two Louis Marx train sets (collection of George Irving)

Display shelving built by Marty Huddleston

Virtual Exhibits – Located on the Museum Website:

*            Flipbooks

  • Teddy Roosevelt Visits Bonners Ferry
  • Logging in Boundary County
  • Portrait Hall Turns 100 Years Old
  • Kootenai Life – Cradleboards
  • Kiwanis International Peace Monuments

*          Videos: “Rural Burial Sites”- Filmed and narrated by Sue Kemmis

  • Mystery at Round Prairie
  • Remembering the Pines and Bond Lake
  • The Atkins Family Memories


Purchases: Computer to replace “BOSS;” Laminator; Binding Machine (used to create “Re-rites”)


Museum Collection:

Donors: 40            Accessions inventoried: 122

Past Perfect Program (objects, photos, books, archival papers): 35,059


Special Interest Donations: Lions Club memorabilia from “The Den” (via B.F. Rotary Club);

Dr. Bowell collection donated by his family


Museum Statistics:

Volunteers: 14   Volunteer Hours: 1,409 hours

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

By order of Governor Brad Little, the Boundary County Museum went into “lock-down” on March 25, 2020 – Visitors to Museum (January 1- March 25) : Total -101 (Students-0/Boundary County -39/     Idaho 35/Out of State-27/Out of Country-0)

Admission Fees: $161   Donations in Donation Box: $121


The Museum could not continue to function without the membership, the community, and the support of the County. Appreciation goes out to all who have renewed their 2021 memberships.   If you have missed this opportunity, please consider doing so by contacting the Museum (208-267-7720).


Photo Credit: American Legion Halloween Party, ca. 1959 – Donated by American Legion Post 55

2021 Annual Meeting Notes

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