4th March 2023

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On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, your Museum hosted the 4th graders from Mt. Hall, Naples, and Valley View Schools. The occasion was to celebrate March 4th – Idaho Day. This year’s theme for Idaho Day was “We the People, Serving Idaho.” With a bit of community pride, the theme was changed to “We the People, Serving Boundary County, Idaho.”

4th Graders Visit City HallThe 4th graders, with many volunteers from the Museum, toured the downtown area to visit with individuals who serve our community. The first stop was the courthouse where they met our three commissioners and the county clerk. The next place on the tour was the sheriff’s office, where the sheriff, a deputy, a patrolman, and a member of the tribal police came outside, spoke, answered questions, and showed the students a patrol vehicle.

Safely crossing the street, with our volunteer crossing guard, the 4th graders walked to the fire department and herd two firemen explain their gear and fire truck. The volunteer ambulance crew was along this route and gave the students an explanation of how they serve Boundary County. The students were able to look in the ambulance.

Again crossing the street safely, the tour group stopped at the post office to hear the postmaster talk about how we get our mail. The group continued over to city hall where the chief of police and the city administrator spoke about the services the city provides everyone. Almost every child raised their hand when asked if they have been to the city swimming pool.

From there (a bit cold from the walk), the 4th graders crossed the street to arrive at the Museum for hot cocoa and a cookie shaped like Idaho. They were each given a booklet, created by the Museum, showing the historic places they had visited and learning puzzles to complete. The students were asked to draw a picture of something they saw on the tour, or someone in their family who “serves” the community. All of the drawings have been hung on the wall in Portrait Hall. What a fine exhibit to have on display for all to see. The drawings will be taken down in May and returned to the students at their schools.


Come see this wonderful collection of art expressing: “We the People, Serving Boundary County, Idaho.”

4th Grade Art Exhibit

A Downtown Tour – Idaho Day 2023

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