14th August 2020

Boundary County Museum is holding a sidewalk/alcove sale beginning on Tuesday, August 18, from 10:30 a.m. –12:30p.m. Come to the alcove on Main Street outside Portrait Hall. The sale will continue through the month of September. The Museum remains closed to the public during this time, however, we wish to continue our contact with the community until we can again open the doors in safety.

We have masks, hand sanitizer, and Lysol wipes to help everyone remain safe.

Featured will be the following items from the Gift Shop:

  • The Museum Historical Calendar for 2021. Price – $5.00. Each and every day contains a bit of history from the year 1921.
  • Badger Tales – 79 years in a “Flip Book” drive. Price – $10.00
  • Badger Tales – “Flip Book” + School Days – 100 Years and 100 Years of Badger Tales. Price $15.00. All on one drive
  • Re-Rites note pads made from recycled paper from the old Bonners Ferry Herald Print Shop. Price – $3 or $5, depending upon size.

Museum Alcove Sale
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