9th April 2016

April 9, 2016

To the Editor:

Even though we had a newsletter sent to our membership late last year, there have been numerous iniquiries since as to what’s going on at the museum. We hope the following information will bring everyone up to date:

The new wall in the back of Portrait Hall has been erected. Brick work and a roof over the outside area still needs to be completed. The interior work for the most part is also completed. Cleaning and reassembling exhibits has been an ongoing process. Many thanks go to those volunteers who have given thier time and energy. The loss of about twelve feet of interior space has created some interesting logistical challenges.

Starting next week, the museum’s educational group will be visiting the fourth grade classes and presenting the Edward Bonner Story. Before the conclusion of the school year, the students will visit the museum on a field trip.

Come May, the museum will be having an open house, plus a program dedicating all the features of the Railroad Courtyard. The exhibit was made possible through grants from Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, Idaho Humanities Council, and the BFHS classes of 1960 and 1963.

Boundary County Historical Museum

Originally published – NewsBF – April 13, 2016


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