Today’s Tale ~ 26 Oct 2016 by Susan Kemmis

KHQ Radio Appearance of Bonners Ferry Mayor Fry

Doing research, I found an article from the March 16, 1933 BF Herald.

Dr. Ezra Esher Fry“In the splendid half hour radio address delivered over Station KHQ in Spokane on Sunday, March 12, 1933, Mayor (Dr.) Ezra Esher Fry told many interesting and historical facts about the Kootenai Valley.”

“The poet laureate of Canada, Bliss Carman has written of David Thompson and the Kootenai River:

‘Down through a maze of canyon walls
He watched a mighty stream
Sweep on in conquering plentitude
With arrowy flight and gleam,
And knew that he had found at last,
The river of his dreams.’”

Mayor Fry concluded with: “Bonners Ferry is today a thriving little city, noted far and near for its community spirit, for its ability to develop the marvelous resources with which nature has endowed this locality and noted also for its vision of the future. This community proudly takes its place in the Paradise of the Northwest.”

83 years have passed since this radio address, and I am sure you would all agree……this place is still the same!!!

1933 Bonners Ferry Mayoral Radio Address

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