Date(s) - Mar 4, 2019

“My Town Idaho”

Idaho Day, March 4, was established by the Idaho State Legislature in 2014 to commemorate the creation of the Idaho Territory by President Abraham Lincoln on that day in 1863. The first celebration was held on March 4, 2015 with an Archaeology Dig for the 4th grade students at the Museum.

This year with the theme being “My Town Idaho,” the Museum is planning for a history walk in downtown Bonners Ferry. The students will visit various buildings along Main Street, hearing colorful stories of the businesses that existed one-hundred years ago. Cameo appearances by some of our towns past proprietors will add a theatrical touch to the walk. Following the walk, the students will return to the Museum’s Portrait hall, to illustrate their favorite story or building. Their illustrations will be on display at the Museum for the Spring months.


Idaho Day at the Museum

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