We have such a myriad of different areas of need,

you are sure to find your niche.

Does your interest lie in being a docent or do you have specific computer or office skills?

  • data entry
  • office work
  • maintenance
  • oral histories
  • organization
  • photo preservation
  • help with events
  • history displays
  • projects
  • or perhaps you have a great idea of your own

  We are always open to suggestions!


Why Be a Volunteer?

By Marj Pinkerton – Trustee
When I was in school, history did not interest me. I didn’t care to learn of ancient people and times. Now I find the history of our county and state fascinating. Where can I learn about the past of the area in which I live? THE MUSEUM!!
I didn’t realize how interesting the development of our own little corner of the world was until I decided to volunteer at the Boundary County Museum. Each hour I spend opens another door to interesting past happenings right here in
Boundary County. People come in with many questions about building sites or family members who once lived here, etc.
This leads the volunteers on a research trail to find the answers to those questions. We learn, and in turn they learn, and most of the time we find more information than they had ever expected.
As a volunteer, I help research and record pieces of history so we have easy access to the information for others. The history is there; we just need to find it, record it, and file it where it can be easily located. This is the job of a volunteer.
The dictionary tells us a “volunteer” is one who offers himself or herself for a service of his or her own free will. At the Museum, we are in need of more volunteers.
The Museum and you can both be winners! As a volunteer, you are learning while at the same time helping preserve the history of our community. Please step forward, we need you!

Winter 2017

What can I do?

Volunteer Position: Special Events
Time Commitment: Day of the Event
Volunteers are needed to set up and take down, or help leading visitors and answering questions during the event, or serveing on an organizing committee, and always helping to get the word out about an event. OR Baking Cookies!! Just add yourself to our call list.

Your level of involvement is up to you.

Volunteer Position: Archival/Clerical
Time Commitment: Two to Six Hours a Week, Year Round?
There is so much to be done!  Organizing collections, data entry, digitizing records, updating information, researching history, scanning old photos, answering inquiries regarding history and people.

The Museum is constantly beginning work on new exhibits and methods to tell the story of Boundary County.  How much time would you like to give, and what interests you?  We guarantee that we have a project needing your help.

Volunteer Position: Maintenance & Construction
Time Commitment: As Needed, Year Round
We always need help with repairing, rebuilding or cleaning something! – as the representative of the people and its history, the Museum needs to sparkle and shine. Just add yourself to our call list.

Volunteer Position: Museum Docent
Time Commitment: Three Hours a week – May – September
The Museum docent is the first person a visitor meets when entering the Museum on Main Street. If you like to meet visitors, answer general questions, hand out brochures and collect the museum fees, this opportunity may be to your liking.