Today’s Tale ~ 1 Dec 2014 by Susan Kemmis
“In 1918, the A. C. White Lumber Co. established Camp 3, a large and very modern logging camp at a junction in their Camp 9 railroad.

The location was the Cliff O’Malley place, across Highway 95 from the present H. C. Studer hog farm on the North Bench. This location offered them auto road access on the Bonners Ferry-Porthill Road.

The company went all out in installing running water, showers, and electric lights supplied by a Delco light plant and batteries. Living conditions this good were almost unheard of in logging camps.

Although the original buildings are long gone, you can still see a spring and water piping for filling steam locomotives, railroad roadbeds, and trestle timbers.

Among those who worked in the cookhouse and dining hall were Hazel Barto and Marian Curtis, “flunkies”, and Mae Fetterly, cook.

County Surveyor Harley Cave’s 1947 county map shows a Y in the railroad and four buildings at the camp.” ~ Written by Terry Howe, Museum Field Researcher

A. C. White Lumber’s Flunkies
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