17th January 2022

Boundary County Historical Society

Annual Meeting Notes


On Tuesday, January 11, 2022 the Annual Meeting of the Historical Society was held at the Museum.

All reports were approved for the 2021 year.

Report of Trustees Election:
Vic White was re-elected for a 3-year term.
There were no further nominations presented leaving two 3-year terms and one 1-year appointment open.

Refreshments were served.

The Museum’s mission is achieved with the aid of memberships, the community, and the support of the County. Appreciation to all who have renewed their 2022 memberships.   If you wish to renew, click HERE to print the membership form.

Looking Ahead…

We look forward to greeting visitors and tour groups, providing programs, holding a fund raising dinner and auction, and having all around good fun at the Museum.

Gary Eller will return in 2022 with his newest Idaho Songs Project: “Songs, Poems, and Stories of the Early Idaho Panhandle.”

Watch the website for more updated information and events, and continue to follow the Museum’s Facebook page.


The year end Society Activities report as presented at the Annual Membership Meeting

2021 began with the Museum closed due to COVID-19 protocol. The Trustees, Staff, and Volunteers stayed busy, and excitedly reopened the doors on May 1. See below for a summary of what happened in 2021.

* * 2021 End of Year Report * *


Membership:   Membership in 2021–147 members; Membership in 2022 (to date) — 47 members                                                                     Total Membership dues collected in 2021 – $4,588 (including 2022 to date)

Fundraising:   2021 Historical Calendar; Small Towns, Big Dreams book; Gift Shop; increased                                                                       support from Boundary County Commissioners and Glenda Poston, County Clerk



*          Idaho Humanities Council CARES Grant 2: refurbished computer; hardware and software; funds for book printing – $2,500

*          Idaho Humanities Council Grant, “Songs to Sing and Tales to Tell” – Idaho Song Project (Gary Eller); collection of historic songs & poetry; sound & recording equipment for Oral History Project – $2,000


Special Projects:

*            Small Towns, Big Dreams book

*            School Tours – Fourth grade packets containing: Faces of History, Museum bookmark, pencil, Idaho                              Wildflower coloring book, scavenger hunt, and an “Idaho” cookie

*          “Stock Handler Songs, Stories, and Poems of Early Idaho” program with Gary Eller

*          Oral History Workshops(2) – Handbook of interviewing techniques; training and practice using recording equipment

*            Parker Family Cemetery Tour – 50 people hearing and sharing Parker family history


Partnered with:

*            Boundary County Fair Board – 100th Anniversary of the Fair historic boards remained on display for                                 a second year

*            GROW – Little Free Garden project

*          Bonners Ferry Herald – Special Inserts – Celebrating Timber Industry and Local Veterans; This Week in History; From the Archives

*            Coeur d’Alene Press – Republishing “Anglin’ with Anglen”

*            9B Trails – The Enchanted Forest Trail and Riverside Park Trail – historic information                                                        and photos; text for trail panels

*            Idaho State Historical Society – Photo of Amy Trice included in a special exhibit, “Honoring Women,”                                   at the Idaho State Capitol

*            Friends of Historic Places (Pat Hart) – Initial program held at Snyder Guard Station

*           ITD, Idaho State Historical Society, Kootenai Tribe of Idaho – Mitigation process for Highway 95/2 in                                     Bonners Ferry


Offsite Exhibit: Historic Photograph Ovals, on the move again, placed in new locations


New Exhibits:

* Pike Pole found in the Kootenai River by BF Search & Dive near Galena Landing

* Dr. Bowell’s 1950 Penn Yan Car-Topper fishing boat; (display shelving built by Marty Huddleston)


Virtual Exhibits – Located on the Museum Website:

*Flipbooks – new

  • Kootenai Pictionary
  • Bonners Ferry Blacksmiths
  • Boundary County During Prohibition Days
  • Bonners Ferry Junior High Students’ Oral History Book, 2002

Purchases: Refurbished computer to replace Eve (“EVEii”); sound and recording equipment related to IHC Grant


Museum Building Maintenance:

* Cracks in the north wall (temporarily repaired by Marty Huddleston)

* Repairs needed: exterior north wall; roof/ furnace room; interior north wall in Portrait Hall


Museum Collection:

Donors: 75            Accessions inventoried: 660

Past Perfect Program (objects, photos, books, archival papers): 35,719


Special Interest Donations:

            * Collection of 1948 Flood color photos taken by Nella Fae (Williams) Troy

* Kootenai beaded purse made for Mary Fitzpatrick Rabdau

* “Bonners Ferry” Great Northern Railway Depot sign


Museum Statistics:

Volunteers: 18   Volunteer Hours: 2,136 hours

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – –

Visitors to Museum (May 1- December 31) : Total -1,817

(Students-144/Boundary County -422/Idaho 367/Out of State-878/Out of Country-6)

Free Saturdays – June through October, sponsored by “Friends of the Museum”

Admission Fees: $2,284   Donations in Donation Box: $1,295.37


2022 Annual Meeting Notes
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