14th September 2017

Traveling arts exhibit coming to Boundary County Museum

The Idaho Commission on the Arts and the Boundary County Historical Society and Museum are proud to present “Arts Grow Learning,” a vibrant touring exhibition of student arts and learning from the 2016-17 Arts Powered Schools Artist in Residence projects. The exhibit will be on display at the Boundary County Museum Sept. 12 through Sept. 22.

Ruth Piispanen, Arts Education Director of the Idaho Commission on the Arts, wrote: “This collection of student creative work tells the story of how arts learning can foster classroom communities of deep thinkers, effective communicators and innovative problem solvers. It also reveals how the arts can provide a window into understanding self, community, culture, history and the natural world around us.

“Teachers collaborated with teaching artists to create residency plans for their classes in workshops across the state of Idaho in June 2016. These plans detailed the classroom role of artist and teacher, important points of integration with other areas of study, teaching and learning sequence, and state learning standards addressed.

“Residency planning teams identified enduring understandings and essential questions that guide and connect learning with real world big ideas. They also created learning targets that make clear what students will know and be able to do as outcomes of the residency whether creating, performing/presenting, responding or making connections with other subject areas through the arts.”

Two of Boundary County’s schools, Naples and Valley View, participated in the “Arts Grow Learning” project. Naples kindergarten through second-grade students used the art of dance to build teamwork and communicate meaning. Dance Artist Kay Braden used simple exercise in teaching the students to perform; assisted by teachers Molly Cochell, Michael Wold and Tawny MacDonald.

Valley View first-, second- and fourth-grade students used textile art to inspire creative thinking with pictures and words. Visual Artist Terrie Kremmer used self-portraits to teach the students how to self-reflect, assisted by teachers Andrea Fuentes, Teresa Smith and Anna Fuller. Both forms of art build self-esteem and self-confidence.

“Whether a visual art, dance, media arts, writing, or storytelling residency, the art form is taught with integrity, and it is connected to other areas of learning with integrity. There is a shared current of energy that runs through every residency. It appears to be that vital force that creates student engagement so that learning becomes real and alive, and has lasting benefit,” said Ruth Piispanen.

The “Arts Grow Learning” exhibit is sponsored by the Idaho Commission on the Arts, Art Works, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Idaho Department of Education. Visit the Boundary County Museum to see how our local students grow and learn with the arts.

Originally published in the Bonners Ferry Herald – September 14, 2017

Arts Grow Learning Traveling Art Exhibit
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