26th January 2015

Wait a minute. Was this 2015? Or was it, somehow . . . . 1915?

It seemed like it might be 1915, as organizers of Boundary County’s Centennial celebration faithfully recreated the original celebration of 100 years ago, when residents of two-day-old Boundary County, Idaho, lauded the newly minted northernmost county in Idaho.

Dave Koon re-acting 1915 celebration!Clowns, an elementary school choir, and a steed equipped with a “Boundary” banner were all in attendance to help re-enact the original January 25, 1915 celebration. Cal Russell played the role of Major Wayne Scott Walker, and acted as master of ceremonies (2015) as he explained to the gathered crowd on Bonners Ferry’s Main Street that 100 years prior, Idaho Governor Moses Alexander signed House Bill No. 1, splitting off the northern part of Bonner County, and granting residents of that northern wing their very own county. Those in attendance joined in a cheer shouting, “Boundary! Boundary! Boundary!”

A small choir of elementary students, led by director David Carpenter, sang the 1915 song “A Long Way from Bonners Ferry. Some of the words from that 1915 song:

It’s a long, long way down to Sandpoint,
It’s a long, long way to go;
When winter winds are blowing,
And trains are blocked with snow;
Alexander is our champion,
And our hearts are with him still;
Many thanks we give him for signing,
Our Boundary County Bill.

Following this Boundary County song, the students performed a heartfelt rendition of “Here We Have Idaho.” The Main Street crowd joined in on the performance of our state song.

Boundary County Commissioners LeAlan Pinkerton and Walt Kirby then read an abridged version of the original Idaho House Bill No. 1, followed by Commissioner Dan Dinning declaring January 24, 2015 as the initiation of Boundary County’s centennial year. Everyone in attendance posed for a quick photograph, before scurrying into the museum just as the rain started to fall.

Inside the museum, revelers were welcome to wander around the historical exhibits, enjoy the sounds of the Bonners Ferry High School Jazz Band, and sample some centennial birthday cake, along with hot chocolate and coffee–and appreciate yet again our 100 year old Boundary County.

Boundary County celebrates 100 years
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