4th March 2018

From the Boundary County Historical Society – 4th March 2018

The date was 1863

and the place, somewhere far north in Kootenai County. Settlers were coming into the area, clearing land, preparing to build homes and start farms. This became the setting for an archaeology dig celebrating Idaho Day.

The Idaho Legislature, in 2015, established an official Idaho Day to be observed each year on March 4 to commemorate the creation of Idaho by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. The Idaho Statehouse and many communities around the state this year were presenting programs this year on Monday, March 5.

Fourth grade students from Naples, Mount Hall and Valley View Elementary Schools arrived at the Boundary County Museum for the “dig.”

In small groups, students created a grid across a box top, dividing the box into nine blocks. A cadre of volunteers from the museum assisted each group as they proceeded to uncover their treasures. As they carefully began to excavate, using simple tools such as plastic spoons, toothpicks and watercolor brushes, they sketched their “findings” onto a paper grid.

Such items as Kootenai Tribal artifacts from the Museum’s collection, feathers, berries, bones, animal hair and rock shards were recorded on the groups’ grids.

Museum curator Sue Kemmis engaged everyone in discussion of what the objects may be and how they may have been used by the early people of the area.

The room was filled with excited voices and ideas bouncing around among the groups.

In all, 110 budding archaeologists participated and enjoyed this special event. Just prior to bus time, each student, teacher, assistants, bus driver and volunteer team leader received a sugar cookie, cut in the shape of Idaho, with a star for Bonners Ferry.

Oh, what a Dig!


Idaho Day! 2018
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