Mesdames Kinnear and Bishop Entertain Pioneers

About twenty-five ladies whose residence in Bonners Ferry began between 1877 and 1897 were entertained at an “old time party” Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. L. Kinnear.

Mrs. T. A. Bishop was joint hostess with Mrs. Kinnear, and both ladies were gowned in the style of ’95. Groups of illustrations from “old time” delineators decorated the walls, affording much speculative amusement to the guests.

Games and an inpromptu program of short speeches on the subject “How I Got Here”, thoroughly enjoyed. Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Martin Fry gave some interesting reminiscences of the pioneer days, and several old settlers told of their experiences during the flood of 1804. Mrs. Bishop read a clipping from the first issue of the Herald published after the waters had subsided.

Mrs. W. F. Kinnear, Miss Dollie Bruce and Miss Phoebe Kinnear assisted the hostesses In serving lunch.

Pioneer Association Discussed

The organization of a Pioneer Association was discussed by the guests, and as the idea seemed to find favor with everyone, a meeting was called to order for the purpose of arranging for another meeting to which all pioneers, both men and women would be asked and at which a Pioneer’s Association would he formed. Mrs. Martin Fry was chosen temporary chairman and Miss Mary Dawson secretary pro, tem. It was decided to hold a meeting of the old settlers Thursday evening, August 3rd at 7:30 at the Kinnear home, and complete arrangements for holding a Pioneer’s reunion.

Mrs. Kinnear and Mrs. Bishop have made a move in the right direction by getting the pioneers together and it is hoped that all the “old timers” who can possibly do so will be present at the meeting next Thursday evening.

An “Old-Time Party” in 1911
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